About Me

I am a woman who loves wine first and foremost. I was raised in Sonoma County, attended Sonoma State University and am a Sommelier. I have worked in the hospitality industry for almost 15 years Mixing, Drinking, and Making My Own Wine! Secondly, I am a wife who married someone who works in the wine business. Wine is all around me and I love it! Thirdly, I am a Mom who needs wine, a lot of wine! I created this blog to share the things I love along with a little Juice on being a Mom. I’m here to help others and whether it’s Wine or a little bit of Whine, I’m here for you! Mother to Mother! Cheers to all the Moms who just need a little bit (or a lot) of Mom juice!

XOXO, Ashley Perry – Creator of Mom Juice

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